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Etta with a surcingle
Etta learning to be saddled! Not a good picture, but she's a doll!
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What is Equi-Phonics?

Ground Work




Explain it and let him find out it won't hurt him. Slower in the beginning, pays big rewards in the end.
Typical behavior in the beginning. They aren't aware yet that there is a message.
You can introduce anything, if you "explain" it to him.








This communication works on all horses. This miniature had been handled as though she was a dog. Many people make this mistake. She is a horse, and didn't understand what was expected of her. After she "got" it, she was very willing to try. You can see her here on YouTube





This is a BLM mustang. She was returned to the BLM twice because she couldn't be handled. She just didn't understand what was happening. Now she does. (and the folks that own her are pretty consistent!)