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What is Equi-Phonics?





Ground work is the foundation of the rest of your horses life. It should be thought of as the same foundation for constructing a building. Without it, the building will collapse. The same is true for a horses' training. It isn't too late, however!

Would you like for your horse to feel that being with you is the best place to be? You Can!

You can show him how you want him to be. Anyone can do it. You just have to have the Real Desire to know how.

Most horse owners really like horses. There is a smaller group of us that not only really love horses, but have a need to know all there is about how they think, and a deep desire to understand how to communicate to them what we want them to do.

You can lead your horse with a halter and lead. But... is he staying with you because he wants to, or because he has to? If you are in an arena and take the halter off- will he leave?

You can teach your horse to start asking what you want! And... once he starts asking what you want, there isn't anything you can't show him.

Now that he wants to know, he learns it very quickly. And it will stay forever! The only limit is your imagination. Obviously the learned behaviors must be within the horses' mental and physical capabilities. (ie, counting...they can't actually do math!)






Click here to See a groundwork video

Click here to see a leafblower demo

Some people want to send their horse to a trainer. That works well for a lot of people and horses.

But if you want to know how to teach it yourself...

Come Learn!

















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