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Get Your Horse Calm and Respectful!


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What is Equi-Phonics?

Ground Work




Get your horse calm, and respectful of your space

He can learn to be with you, without being on top of you!

You can learn how to show your horse exactly where you want him to stand or walk or move


Does your horse:

  • Walk into you?
  • Walk away from you?
  • Push through gates?
  • Lead poorly?
  • Trailer Load?

Can you:

  • Send your horse?
  • Call him to you?
  • Control his speed?
  • Control his feet?


My goal is to teach your horse how to learn. What he learns, you also must learn.

It is important for you, the owner to know how to cause the horse to do what you want! We aren't going to muscle him around. He is strong enough to move himself. We get the movement we ask for!

You will be surprised at what you can get him to do! And it's fun!







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